euphoric hair boutique

  EHB is an urban hair salon with an intimate & trendy atmosphere founded on the idea of what a new salon could be. We've created an inspiring space with the utmost attention to detail.  Our Independent Stylists customize their appointments leaving you to feel relaxed, refreshed & confident. Located in the Victoria Park area of downtown Calgary, we are proud to bring you this curated salon experience.


marked by a feeling of great happiness & excitement



COVID-19 Guidelines

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appt.
No friends/family/kids allowed at your appointment.
Keep your personal belongings to a minimum.
Virtual check in by sending a text message to your Stylist. 
Stay in your vehicle till you are msg’d back.
Upon arrival into the foyer of the building you will be greeted by your Stylist - Sorry no hugs or hand shakes (for now)
Sanitation Station set up in the foyer where your temperature will be checked and you’ll be asked a Health Questionnaire. 
You MUST wear a Mask ($2 if you didn't bring your own) at all times during your visit.  
We will provide hand sanitizer and/or direct you to the bathroom to wash your hands. 
Please put on a freshly cleaned colour smock ( for any chemical service ) 

Inside the salon:
To maintain the proper social distancing; there will only be two Stylists working each day and they will not be working beside each other. 
You will be able to access hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands at any time during your visit.
We will be cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing throughout your visit
There will only be one Stylist and one Client allowed in the washing area at all times.
You will have limited access to the retail shelves, but we will be happy to help you.
The coffee station will be open for beverages but you must ask your Stylist.

Will be wearing their masks when in direct contact with you.
Have each received Barbicide Covid-19 Certification training.
Will be disinfecting all tools or implements between uses.
Will adhere to strict cleaning and sanitation measures throughout your visit.
Each of these measures are put into place to ensure we keep with the health and well-bring of our salon environment. Our commitment to your health, safety and comfort are very important to us. We take pride in what we do and know that we will shine through all of the chaos. 

The EHB Team